Q. Is Makechesterproud run by chester’s family?

A. Absolutely not. We are in no way affiliated with the Bennington family or Linkin Park. This is a privately run site. Any opinion shared by MCP does not reflect that of anyone else.



A.  No one with MCP is a licensed professional. If you are in immediate danger, please reach out and talk about your feelings. You aren’t alone. See our “resources” page for domestic and international crisis intervention sites, hotlines, text lines, apps and more. Your life matters and we believe the world is better with you in it.


Q. Why are you selling things?

A. Fundraisers and “merch” (such as our calendars) allow us not only to interact with people, but to supply outreach tools to others as well as helping with the overhead costs associated with running MCP. Any profit made from a sale goes directly back into educating, spreading awareness, and ending stigma.


Q. How can i join the team?

A. If you’re interested in volunteering on the MCP admin team, please send an email to Joann@MakeChesterProud.com


Q. are you a non profit?

A. “Make Chester Proud Company” is a nonprofit corporation in the state of Wyoming, however we do not currently hold 501(c)(3) status.