Krystle & Melanie Loomis

In November of 2016, Melanie and Krystle Loomis lost their mother, Jan Loomis, to a lifelong battle with depression. She died by suicide.

As a way to cope with the grieving process, the sisters launched JoyforJan as a happiness project to find joy in the pain. It started off as a video blog where participants were interviewed on the streets of Montrose, PA and Philadelphia, PA, asking them what brought joy on tough days.

With the goal of incorporating mental health, JoyforJan expanded by using social media to find participants worldwide to submit short videos sharing their mental health journies while offering tips for others.

Mental health advocates from all over the world submit short videos covering mental illness, joy, grief, depression and suicide awareness. JoyforJan's mission is to break the stigma associated with mental health and also build a community of mental health warriors. Each video serves as a reminder to those struggling with mental health that they are not alone.

JoyforJan is a non-profit that also raises funds for a yearly scholarship awarded to a student in at Montrose Area Jr. Sr. High School who is dedicated to overcoming his/her mental health struggles.






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